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BOLD Industrial

Stanley Water Pump Submersible Deep-Well Stainless-steel clean water 1000W (max-55m) SXUP1000XWE

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Deep well pump with pump housing made of stainless steel and with a plastic base. Works without an external control box.

Technical data
Material: stainless steel
Nominal wattage: 1000 W
Length of rope/cable/hose: 20 m
Max. delivery height:
Max. pressure: 5.5 bar
Flow rate: 5200 l/h
Water pump type: Garden pump
Tank capacity:
Max. water temperature: 5.84O (24°C)
Max. voltage: 230 VAC
IP protection: IPX8
Max. particle size: diameter of 1.5 mm
Residual water level: 70 mm
Max. delivery height: 55 m
Maximum immersion depth: 16 m
Diameter of hose connection: G1-1/4"
Pump diameter: 100 mm