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M-Chai - FAQ



What is M-Chai?

M-chai is the new water proof tea harvester which highly improves the working efficiency of tea harvests. It is an upgrade model and its main aim is to provide high quality produce at an affordable price.

What is the expected machine yield?

Approximately 40 kg per hour translating to about 240 – 320kg per day

How is the machine powered?

The machine is rechargeable battery operated

What is the battery duration?

The run time for a fully charged battery is 6 – 8 hours 

What is the battery life?

The machine is supplied with a lithium-ion battery.  The battery life is approximately 2 years

Are the blades replaceable?

Yes, but customers are advised to use the machine for tea harvest only (two leaves and a bud) and not for pruning or cutting of branches.  A tea pruning machine is available that is suited for that purpose.

Where can I have the machine serviced?

Regular user maintenance must be done on a daily basis after each use.  After every use, the machine should be cleaned and oiled using normal vegetable oil before the next use. A maintenance kit for this purpose is provided with the machine.  More intensive maintenance, when required, will be available from the machine supplier.  In addition, there will soon be Service Centres in the main tea growing areas in Kenya to offer farmers necessary support.

What will my package contain?

The M-Chai package contains the following:  M-chai machine, lithium-ion battery, battery charger, battery bag, maintenance kit, user manual



Should you require more information please text / whatsapp / call 0722 525063.  We can also be reached via email at info@boldlimited.co.ke


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