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BOLD Industrial has been in the tools business for more than 5 years now. We have been serving several categories of tool users.  Among these is the individual DIY user whose tools are mainly for home remodeling and repairs.  Then the contractor running a solo or small-scale workshop whose needs are versatility and portability of his tool arsenal.  Another is the professional, often a user in an industry.  Their needs are professional grade tools that match the investment in equipment found in their respective industries.

We aim to please the customer.  We therefore often go out of our way to source the brands that a customer requires.  Tools preferences, we have discovered, are as varied as the people who use them. 

BOLD Industrial holds a wide stock of hand and power tools, PPEs, ladders, welding machines, pressure washers, solar lanterns, UPS and UPS batteries, and is home to respected brands including BOSCH, Stanley, INGCO, Black & Decker, Pro's Kit, Tuf-Fix, DeWalt, Makita, Sollatek, Gaston among others

Here below, we explore what in our opinion are the top tool brands in Kenya.


The Bosch Group is a German multinational engineering and technology company with headquarters in Gerlingen, near Stuttgart, Germany.  It employs roughly 401,300 associates worldwide (as of December 31, 2021). The company was founded by Robert Bosch in Stuttgart in 1886. Today, Bosch is one of the most recognizable tool brands in Kenya and in the world.  It is also the most profitable tools company with preliminary sales figures for 2021 at approximately 78.8 Billion Euros.

Bosch’s power tools division is a supplier of power tools, power tool accessories, and measuring technology. In addition to power tools such as hammer drills, cordless screwdrivers, and jigsaws, its extensive product portfolio also includes gardening equipment such as lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, and high-pressure cleaners.

Bosch’s business is not just tools, however. Its operations are divided into four business sectors: Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology.

BOLD Industrial online tool store carries a wide range of Bosch power tools, Bosch hand tools and Bosch accessories (including Bosch drill bits and Bosch grinding / cutting discs).  The range of Bosch tools are consistently rated top notch.  Infact, one Clint DeBoer, a reviewer at writes “Bosch tools typically pack a punch. Their drilling and cutting accessories are second to none…”


Founded:  1886

Founder:  Robert Bosch

Country:  Germany

Tagline:  “Invented for Life”

Our View:  Well-known and respected brand; Price: Affordable

BOLD Industrial - BOSCH Authorised Dealer in Kenya


Stanley is best known for their hand tools and storage products.  It’s a legacy they are proud to announce on their website.  It’s a century plus old legacy.

The Stanley Works was founded by Frederick Trent Stanley in 1843. It was originally a bolt and door hardware manufacturing organization located in Connecticut.  In 1857, Frederick Trent Stanley’s cousin, Henry Stanley started The Stanley Rule and Level Company, also in Connecticut. The two companies merged in 1920.  Today, the company is known as Stanley Black and Decker, the name adopted after a merger with Black and Decker in 2010. 

Tools continue to be manufactured in distinct brand names of Stanley and Black & Decker. They are also marketed under these separate brands and appeal to slightly different market segments.

Stanley’s reputation for excellence is world renowned.  Their best-known product must be the tape measure, trusted worldwide for accuracy and dependability. 

BOLD Industrial offers a wide variety of Stanley power and Stanley hand tools, Stanley toolboxes, Stanley cable reels among many other Stanley products -  online as well as in the physical shop in Ngong Town.


Founded:  1843 / 1957

Founders:  Frederick Trent Stanley & Henry Stanley

Country:  America

Tagline:  “Make Something Great”

Our view:  a trusted and well-respected brand, pricing:  reasonable


Makita was founded just over a 100 years ago (in 1915) in Anjo, Japan, as an electric motor sales and repair company.  Today, Makita Corporation is a global brand in over 40 countries. The corporation has manufacturing plants and assembly plants in 10 countries including Brazil, China, Japan, Mexico, Romania, UK, Germany, UAE, Thailand and USA. Makita is one of the most highly demanded brand of tools.  This is especially true of their grinder range.

A portable electric planer was Makita’s first power tool.  It was released in 1958.  Later the same year Makita further positioned itself as a specialised manufacturer of electric power tools with the introduction of a portable groove cutter.  A Makita electric circular saw and electric drill soon followed in 1962.

Today, Makita power tools have earned the trust of professional users worldwide. Their grinders are a common feature in many craftsmen counter tops.


Founded:  1915

Founder:  Unknown

Country:  Japan

Tagline:  Live Green & Grow Strong

Our view:  larger grinders are popular amongst welders; Sturdy tool range; Pricing: Higher than other brands.


Black & Decker was the culmination of the dream of two young men S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker.  The company was started in 1910.  Within 7 years, the company had laid the foundation for today’s power tool industry by filing a patent application for a ½ inch portable electric drill.

Black & Decker offers users a reasonably priced choice of hand and power tools while accessing the R&D advantage available from Stanley Black & Decker stable that this brand belongs. The Black and Decker range includes BLack & Decker power tools, Black & Decker hand tools, Black & Decker accessories, and Black & Decker Garden tools or outdoor products.


Founded: 1910

Founder: S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker

Country: America

Tagline:   Not Clear

Our view:  Popular with the DIY users,  Pricing:  Way cheaper than other brands of similar quality


DeWalt innovations are considered work horse solutions by the manufacturers as well as by a legion of commercial contractors across the world.

DeWalt history dates back to 1924 when the company was formed in Pennsylvania.  Their first product was an electrical universal wood working machine known as DeWalt “modern worker”.  The company was in 1949 acquired by American Machine Foundry (AMF).  AMF then sold it to Black and Decker in 1960.

The first line of portal electric power tools and accessories designed for contractors, remodelers and professional woodworkers was introduced in 1992.

Today, we know DeWalt as the manufacturer of a wide range of Power Tools & Accessories,  Hand Tools, Outdoor equipment, Storage products, Anchors and fasteners.


Founded:  1924

Founder: Raymond DeWalt

Country:  America

Tagline: Guaranteed Tough

Our view:  Robust tools.  Pricing:  Closer to Makita than to Black & Decker


INGCO Tools came out of nowhere a few years ago and have now become a permanent fixture in the tools trade business across Kenya.  Well, not exactly out of nowhere.  From China.  This brand carries a staggering range of hand and power tools as well as outdoor equipment plus PPEs. It has caught the imagination and pockets of many craftsmen and now boasts a place of pride amongst many showrooms.  Infact many showrooms are now choosing to exclusively market the orange and black brand due to its fast adoption by users. According to the INGCO website, this brand is now marketed in 24 countries in the world.

Reviews regarding quality and durability are varied. 


Founded:  No data available

Founder:  No data available

Country:  China

Tagline:  Make the World in Your Hands

Our view:  Easily available.  Way cheaper than most brand tools.  Acceptable quality


The Tuf-Fix brand is one of the fastest growing brands in the building materials and tools industry. It is synonymous with innovation, reliability and safety and covers a wide product range in eight categories.  The core focus is one hand tools, fasteners & fixings, painting tools, locks, industrial safety equipment, welding machines as well as general tools.

Established in 1996 and based in France, Tuf-fix has over two decades of quality manufacturing with an offering of 1300+ product offerings. 


Founded:  1996

Founder:  Data not available

Country:   France

Tagline:  Not clear

Our View:  Single brand manufacturer that offers European quality at an affordable price.


Ryobi Limited was founded in 1943 in Japan, initially manufacturing die cast products for automobiles. Ryobi's most notable invention was the first portable gas-powered generator, which revolutionized the outdoor power equipment industry. Today, Ryobi is known for its wide range of power tools, outdoor equipment, and DIY accessories, offering innovative solutions for home improvement enthusiasts.


Fluke Corporation was founded 1948, initially manufacturing electronic testing equipment. Fluke's most notable invention was the first digital multimeter, which revolutionized the electronics industry. Today, Fluke is a global leader in test and measurement tools, known for their accuracy, reliability, and durability. Some of the best known Fluke products include clamp meters, electrical testers, meggers, ground resistance testers, energy loggers, milliamp process meters among many.


Proskit Industries Co., Ltd. was founded in 1991 in Taiwan, specializing in the design and manufacture of professional hand tools and electronic repair kits. Proskit's commitment to quality and innovation has made the company a trusted name in the toolkits industry, known for its wide range of high-quality products. Best known amongst the Proskit products include computer toolkits, household toolkits, electrical and electronic toolkits, electrical and mechanical toolkits, network installation toolkits, telecommunication and network installation toolkits.


Kärcher was founded in 1935 in Germany, initially focusing on the development of heating systems. Kärcher's most notable invention was the first hot water high-pressure cleaner, which revolutionized the cleaning industry. Today, Kärcher is a global leader in cleaning technology, known for its innovative solutions for both domestic and commercial use.


Silverline Tools was founded in 1978 in the United Kingdom, initially focusing on the distribution of hand tools and power tools. Silverline's commitment to quality and affordability has made the company a trusted name in the tool industry, known for its wide range of high-quality products at competitive prices.



Tramontina was founded in 1911 in Brazil, initially producing kitchenware and utensils. Tramontina's most notable invention was the first high-quality machete, which revolutionized agricultural tools. Today, Tramontina is known for its wide range of kitchenware, utensils, and agricultural tools, offering innovative solutions for both home and professional use.


Andreas Stihl AG & Company was founded in 1926 and invented the world's first gasoline-powered chainsaw. Stihl's innovative designs transformed the forestry industry and established the company as a global leader in outdoor power equipment. Today, Stihl is known for its wide range of chainsaws, trimmers, blowers, and other landscaping tools.

In conclusion

As mentioned above, the brand choices amongst users are as varied as there are users.  Each user will have their reasons for choosing a certain brand.  In most cases there is no changing peoples’ minds once they are sold on a brand.  Our task at BOLD Industrial is to provide our customers with as wide a choice as possible.  Our offers are therefore ever growing. We certainly aim to ensure that whatever brand we make available is as of high quality as possible.

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