Commonly used tools by the masons

one of the most commonly used masonry tool
  1. Trowels: There are many types of trowels used by the mason. These include the brick trowel, used to spread mortar and lay bricks.  Pointing trowel, or jointer used to smooth and shape mortar joints. A pointed trowel is used for more detailed masonry work, tucking mortar into the seams of brick and stone.  There is also the margin trowel, a flat nosed trowel used for placing small amounts of mortar into tight spaces. It is commonly referred to as the universal all-purpose trowel which is handy for all types of masonry projects. When buying any of the trowels, it’s important to look for one with a comfortable grip and a sturdy blade made of high-quality steel.
  2. Masonry hammer: The mason’s hammer is a blunt, square-tipped tool designed specifically to break rock, brick stones, and concrete blocks. The other side is think like a chisel for chipping away or scoring small areas of stone, brick or concrete for more accurate breaks. It is important to buy a hammer with a comfortable grip and a balanced weight. Stanley is one of the popular brands.
  3. Chisels: These are used to cut, rough and shape bricks and stones. They are available in different sizes with bladed, flat, tepered and other shaped shipping points. Chisel blades are made of hardened steel with a cutting edge on one side. The handle is usually wooden. Choose one that has a comfortable grip and a large handle to keep your hands safe. Popular brands within the Kenyan market include DEWALT and Stanley.
  4. Masonry saws go by many names including concrete saws, road saws, cut-off saws etc. They are available in various sizes including small hand held ones as well as large walk-behind saws for more complex tasks. Masons use these saws to cut bricks, stones, concrete blocks or asphalt. It important to obtain a saw with a powerful motor. Use a diamond blade for accurate cuts. Popular brands include Makita, DEWALT, and Husqvarna.
  5. Scraper: Scrapers are commonly used to remove dirt, gravel or other materials from surfaces
  6. Spade: These consist of metal plate at the end of a long wooden or metal handle. Spades are used to mix mortar and to place cement, mortar, concrete in the mixing pan. They are also used to scope the soil for foundation trenches.
  7. Wheelbarrow: A sturdy, high quality wheelbarrow is one of the most important tools in a construction site.  It is used for many different things including carrying of cement, stones and other material from one end of the site to another.  Some masons use it as a mixing tool when plastics.  And ofcourse, its important when it comes to clearing stuff from the construction area.
  8. Pick Axel: It has a long head pointed at both ends and is used for rough dressing of stne.  It is also used to split the stones in the quarry.
  9. Bevel: A bevel, which comprises two slotted blades of steel is employed to set out angles.  The tools consists of two rules or arms joined together which then open to any angle.
  10. Water Level: Many masons use an ordinary clear pipe to measure the level at two different points. But there is a tool for this. It consists of a flexible tube with liquid. The tool works on the principle that water always seeks its own level.  Therefore the liquid at both ends will be the same level whether you are holding them together or spreading them several feet apart.
  11. Spirit level: Spirit level is made of different materials including hard plastic, wood or metal with bubble tube in the middle. It is used to ensure that bricks and stones are laid evenly. A surface is considered levelled when the bubble in the tube settles at the middle of the tube. The spirit level is one of those must have tools for masons. It is recommended that one looks for a level with a sturdy frame and accurate bubble vials.
  12. Plumb rule and bob: This tools checks how vertical the walls are. It consists of a string tied to a weight called a bob and a straight wood board called a plumb rule. The rule is placed vertically with the wall, the plump bob must be in the groove line indicating a perfect vertical wall.
  13. Mason Square: This is an “L” shaped basic but very important tool for the masons. It is made of flat steel with each arm at about 0.5m long. It sets out right angles at the corner of the masonry wall.
  14. Mason’s twine: This is a heavy twine that masons use to mark out a complete wall of the proposed building.
  15. Tape measure: The tape measure is made of different material including hard plastic, fiberglass or steel. There are also laser measuring devices in common use these days. This is one of the most important tools for all artisans. In the case of the mason is used to measure where a wall begins and ends.
  16. Brushes: In addition to all the tools mentioned above, a good mason will also carry a soft-bristled brush to remove any excess mortar.

The above list is not exhaustive but provides a guide on tools that a masons will most commonly use.  These are tools that one can easily find at BOLD Industrial.

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