SIEMENS LOGO! - Overview and Applications

SIEMENS LOGO! - Overview and Applications


  • LOGO! is the compact, easy-to-use and low-cost solution for simple control tasks
  • Easy to operate and universally applicable without accessories
  • It is an "All in one" device  with Integrated display and operator panel
  • 36 different functions can be connected at the press of a button or by means of PC software; up to 130 times over
  • With LOGO! 8 38/43 different functions can be linked at the press of a button or using PC software; up to 200/400 times
  • Functions are easy to change reduce need for time-consuming rewiring


The LOGO! logic module is the convenient, user-friendly solution for simple open-loop and closed-loop control tasks.

LOGO! can be implemented universally, e.g.:

  • Building services/electrical installation sector (lights, blinds, awnings, gates, access control points, barriers, ventilation systems...).
  • Control cabinet manufacture.
  • Mechanical engineering (pumps, small presses, compressors, lifting platforms, conveyor belts ...).
  • Special controls for conservatories, greenhouses.
  • Signal preprocessing for other controllers.

LOGO! logic modules are modular and can be flexibly expanded to suit the application.

LOGO! Modular is available in different versions for different connection voltages (12 V DC, 24 V DC, 24 V AC, 115/230 V DC, 115/230 V AC):

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