Kick off a new adventure as a tea farmer in Kenya today with a tea harvesting machine

Kick off a new adventure as a tea farmer in Kenya today!

Mchai - Tea harvesting machine increases productivity for tea farmers

We know your story.  Hard work, low returns.

High cost of production at farm level, extremely low income for you, the investor, the tea farmer.

We would like to be part of the solution.

Introducing M-Chai

A new water proof tea harvester which highly improves the working efficiency of tea harvests.  It is an upgrade model and its main aim is to provide high quality produce at an affordable price.

Work it like a pro

M-Chai technology is simple!  One user, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, picks tea for 8 hours. 

Package contains:  One machine, one lithium ion battery, one battery charger, battery carrying bag and a small toolkit.

Get the VIP treatment

Rush and take advantage of our offer of Ksh 32,480.
On purchase our technical manager will take you through the startup steps and set you off on a successful tea harvesting journey. 

Take the road less traveled - mechanise!

  • Get a machine that is fast in tea harvesting
  • Reduce your cost of labour drastically
  • Obtain a machine that works even during the rainy season
  • Be the farmer that your neighbours look to

We are tea country!!

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