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Are you looking for the best brand heat gun for industrial application?  Or are you looking for the best heat gun for food processing application?  Or are you looking for the best heat gun for domestic use? Or are you a DIY person, a plumber, a metal worker or a car wrapping specialist looking for quality heat guns for your application?

Before you proceed any further in your search for a heat gun, you might want to read this article that explores what a heat gun is, what industries it is commonly used in and which brands of heat guns are available in the Kenyan market.

What is a heat gun?

A heat gun is a powerful and versatile tool that has found widespread applications in both industrial settings and households. With its ability to produce controlled hot air, it has become an indispensable device for various tasks ranging from industrial processes to DIY projects.

This essay explores the applications of heat guns in industries and households, as well as some popular brands available in the market.

Applications in Industries

Manufacturing and Electronics: In industries, heat guns are commonly used in the manufacturing and assembly processes of electronics. They aid in soldering components onto circuit boards, reworking solder joints, and desoldering electronic components. The precise temperature control and focused airflow help prevent damage to delicate electronic parts.

Automotive Repairs: Heat guns are employed in automotive workshops for tasks such as removing paint, labels, and adhesives from car surfaces. They are also used to facilitate the bending and shaping of plastic components like bumpers.

Those operating car wrap businesses find heat guns are an essential item in their trade.

Shrink Wrapping and Packaging: Heat guns are instrumental in the shrink-wrapping process, which is crucial for packaging goods securely. The heat causes the plastic to shrink tightly around the product, providing a professional and tamper-proof finish.

This process is especially useful for water bottlers who use heat guns to seal the bottle cap once the liquid is filled thereby providing additional protection and hygiene.

Plastic and PVC Welding: Industries that deal with plastics and PVC often use heat guns to weld and fuse these materials together. This method ensures a strong and durable bond in various applications, such as in constructing pipes or repairing plastic containers.

Paint Stripping: Removing old paint from surfaces, especially in restoration projects, is made easier with the application of heat guns. The heat softens the paint, making it simpler to scrape off without resorting to harmful chemicals.

Repair of phone screen: Some say a heat gun can be used to repair broken phone screens. When held at the broken phone screen from a distance, the heat gun will soften it and lift it up a little bit, making it easier to work with and hence repair it.

Applications in Households

DIY Projects: Heat guns are valuable tools for DIY enthusiasts. They can be used for a variety of projects like removing paint, thawing frozen pipes, bending plastic for crafts, and even embossing designs on paper or fabric.

Home Improvement: When remodeling or repairing homes, heat guns are useful for tasks like  softening adhesive for tile removal, or shaping plastic materials for custom fittings.

Wall paper Stripping: While it is common to use heat guns to remove paint, not many people realise that wall paper can also be easily removed using a similar process.  Heating the adhesive underneath the wall paper enables easier removal.

Crafting and Artwork: Artists and crafters find heat guns beneficial for techniques like heat embossing on greeting cards or creating textures and patterns in mixed-media art.

Cooking and Culinary Use: Heat guns are sometimes used in culinary applications, such as finishing dishes with a quick sear or toasting the surface of certain desserts.

Sticker Removal:  Ever tried to remove a sticker from a plastic surface?  Not easy at all.  Applying some heat from a heat gun (not too much) can make the process a whole lot easier.

Different Brands Available:

Several reputable brands manufacture heat guns with varying features and capabilities. Some of the popular ones include:

DEWALT: This well-known brand produces a range of power tools, including heat guns. DeWalt’s heat guns are sturdy, ergonomic, and designed for heavy-duty industrial use.

DeWalt heat guns are commonly used to install vinyl wraps

One of the commonly used is DeWalt D26414 digital led heatgun.  It comes with excellent temperature control and memory settings for consistent temperature requirements.  It is most suitable for professional applications.

Bosch: Bosch manufactures reliable heat guns equipped with various heat settings and accessories, making them versatile for different tasks.

The Bosch GHG 180 professional heat gun is a powerful 1800W machine with a 3-stage temperature selection at 60/350/550C for various applications.  It is tested to ensure 500 hrs of continuous operation.  It comes with an overheat protection to ensure the user is safe in case of airflow blockage. It weighs a manageable 0.7kg.

Bosch GHG 180 heat gun

If you are looking for more heat and airflow control for more demanding applications, you may want to try the Bosch GHG 23-66.  This 2300W Bosch heat gun reaches upto 650 degrees and offers users total control by providing ten different airflow rates, digitally fine adjustable temperature and four customizable programs. An automatic thermal protection shut-off in case of motor overheating provides additional safety for the user.

Bosch Heat gun is used for a versatile of applications in many industries

Black+Decker: This brand provides budget-friendly heat guns suitable for light household tasks and occasional DIY projects.

A common heat gun in the Black & Decker category is the 1750W KX1650 that comes with 2 temperature and air flow settings.  This gives the user added flexibility.  The KX1650 heat gun is ideal for stripping paint, varnishes and adhesives. 

Stanley: This brand is well known world wide as the manufacturer of professional grade power tools that deliver dependability for all drilling, cutting, and grinding applications.

Stanley STXH2000 is a 2-speed heat gun with variable heat control

Stanley STXH2000 200W is a 2-speed heat gun with variable heat control giving maximum control in all applications.  It is best suited for stripping old paint and drying new coats of paint.  In addition it can be used for a myriad of other applications like moulding and welding plastics, shrinking cable ends, foil and sleeves.  This heat gun comes with an ergonomic handle design for comfortable use over extended periods of time. The lock-on switch creates a comfortable hands-free use.

Makita: Makita is a world leader in power tool technology in both the corded and cordless power tools range.  This company produces some of the best performing heat guns in the market.

Makita heat gun

As you can see, heat guns have become essential tools in both industrial and household settings, thanks to their wide range of applications. From electronics and automotive industries to DIY projects and home improvements, heat guns offer precision, versatility, and efficiency. When choosing a heat gun, considering factors like temperature control, airflow settings, and the reputation of the brand can ensure you have a reliable tool that meets your specific needs.

Word of caution - its important to read your equipment’s user manual and follow necessary safety precautions while operating the heat gun.

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