Siemens PAC Meter - When you want to know when, where and how much power is consumed?

Siemens PAC3200 makes consumption apparent.

Siemens Power Meter

To accomplish a sustainable reduction of power costs, you must first analyze the electrical system’s current consumption and power flows. The PAC3200 power meter precisely and reliably delivers the required information of power values to put you on the path to reduce your power cost.

Applications summary

 Replace multiple analog meters An ideal replacement for analog meters. Use it for stand-alone metering in custom panels, switchboards, switchgear, gensets, motor control center and UPS systems, PDU, RPPs, etc.

 Basic Metering The PAC3200 offers high-accuracy power, energy and demand measurements.

 Cost allocation / Energy monitoring Perfect for monitoring right down to the tool level, the meter can help monitor cost centers, identify opportunities for demand control and check energy consumption patterns.

 Automation integration Monitor critical equipment processes and tie directly to the Siemens family of PLCs and automation networks.

 Sub-metering Low cost, high accuracy and simple retrofit installation enables economical measurement of commercial and residential tenant space. Integrate the PAC3200 with existing energy management systems and RTUs. Reduce energy consumption by eliminating previously uncontrolled expenses.

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