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Understanding the types of heat guns, their similarities, differences, and applications can help you choose the right tool for your specific needs, whether you require precision, portability, or industrial-level performance.

Types of Heat Guns:

Caterpillar (CAT), primarily known for its construction and heavy machinery, has also produced a range of industrial tools and equipment, including heat guns.

Standard Heat Guns:

These are the most common type of heat guns and are versatile for various applications. Standard heat guns typically have adjustable temperature settings and airflow controls. They come with a range of nozzle attachments for different tasks.

Industrial Heat Guns:

Industrial heat guns are designed for heavy-duty tasks and are often more powerful than standard models. They provide precise temperature control and high airflow rates. These heat guns are used in manufacturing, construction, and automotive industries.

Digital Heat Guns:

Digital heat guns have digital temperature displays for precise control. They often include programmable settings and memory functions.These are commonly used in electronics, labs, and industries where precision is crucial.

Cordless Heat Guns:

Cordless heat guns are powered by rechargeable batteries, offering portability. They are ideal for tasks where mobility is important or where power outlets are not readily available. These are commonly used for on-the-go repairs and outdoor projects.

There are various similarities in all these heat guns:-

Industrial heat guns are more powerful and can reach higher temperatures compared to standard models.

Heat Generation:

All types of heat guns generate hot air as their primary output.


They can be used for a wide range of applications requiring the application of heat.

Temperature Control:

Most heat gun types offer adjustable temperature settings for precise control.

Nozzle Attachments:

Some types come with various nozzle attachments to direct the airflow for specific tasks.

What are the differences in the various types of heat guns?

Power and Temperature Range:

Industrial heat guns are more powerful and can reach higher temperatures compared to standard models.

Digital heat guns offer precise temperature control with digital displays.

Cordless heat guns may have slightly lower power compared to corded models due to battery limitations.


Cordless heat guns are the most portable as they don't require a power cord.

Standard and industrial heat guns are typically corded, limiting mobility to the length of the cord.


Industrial and digital heat guns are usually more expensive than standard models due to their advanced features.


Standard Heat Guns can be used for:

  • Paint stripping and removal
  • Shrink-wrapping and heat shrinking
  • Softening adhesives and caulking
  • Thawing frozen pipes
  • Drying surfaces and materials

Industrial Heat Guns can be used for:-

  • Plastic welding and bending
  • Automotive paint and adhesive removal
  • Preheating and post-heating in welding
  • Industrial drying processes
  • Roofing and flooring applications

Digital Heat Guns are used for:-

  • Electronics soldering and desoldering
  • Laboratory experiments and research
  • Heat-sensitive materials processing
  • Precision drying and heating tasks

Cordless Heat Guns are generally used for:-

  • Quick repairs and maintenance on the go
  • Outdoor projects
  • Emergency heat source in remote locations
  • Automotive repairs in the field

Below are some of the well-known heat gun brands. It's important to note that the availability and popularity of the brands may varies by region.

Milwaukee: Milwaukee is a respected brand in the power tool industry, known for its durability and performance. They offer a selection of heat guns for professional use.

DEWALT: DEWALT is another prominent name in the power tool industry. They produce high-quality heat guns that are favored by professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Bosch: Bosch is a trusted brand known for its wide range of power tools, including heat guns. Their products are known for their reliability and performance.

Black & Decker: Black & Decker is a well-established brand with a reputation for producing affordable and reliable tools, including heat guns.

Steinel: Steinel is a German brand known for its industrial-grade heat guns. They are often used in professional settings and for specialized applications. This brand is not easily available in the Kenyan market.

Makita: Makita is a respected brand among Kenyan user.  Makita offers a variety of power tools, including heat guns. Their products are known for their quality and durability.

Hitachi (now Metabo HPT): Hitachi, now known as Metabo HPT, is known for producing reliable power tools, and they offer heat guns suitable for various applications.

Porter-Cable: Porter-Cable is a brand that provides a range of tools for woodworking, construction, and DIY projects, including heat guns.  This brand is also not often found locally.

Stanley is another well-known and respected brand in the tool industry. Stanley offers a range of heat guns designed for various applications.

In conclusion

When choosing a heat gun, consider factors like your specific needs, budget, and the type of tasks you'll be performing to select the brand and model that best suits your requirements. Additionally, it's a good practice to check for updated reviews and recommendations from reliable sources to ensure you make an informed decision based on the most current information.

BOLD Industrial stocks a wide variety of standard and industrial heat guns from recognized brands such as Bosch, Ryobi, Stanley, Makita, CAT, DeWalt, Black & Decker, Ingco among many others.  Contact us with your needs on or visit our website, we will be happy to assist.

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