A ladder for every operation

Ladders are a useful tool for not only industrial users, they are a necessary and must have item within the household space.  There are as many variety of ladders as there are need.

An assortment of ladders serve the household ladder needs, while scaffolds offer support to organization dealing with functions such as cleaning services.  On the other hand extension ladders will be a useful and necessary tool for telecommunication installation companies and fiberglass ladders form part of the tool arsenal for electrical installers.

BOLD has a ladder for each of your applications including gardening, installations, bulb changing etc

Ladders come in all sorts of sizes and are made of various materials.  Step ladders, multi-purpose and extension ladders are some of the varieties that customers can choose from. High on demand are the aluminium ladders in various sizes, most probably due to their light weight but durable nature, enabling portability.  The electrical installers normally prefer the fiberglass ladders, obviously anxious to avoid electric shocks during their operations.  Households have a choice between the strong and durable but lightweight aluminium ladders or the studier steel ladder.

Other features to consider when choosing a ladder, besides the material used include the following:-

  1. Unique features – compactness of design, weight, multi position, either rolling or fixed especially for scaffolds and whether or not it can be used in uneven ground.
  2. Load capacity – how much weight will the ladder carry and will you be hauling heavy weights up the ladder
  3. Project height
  4. Reach height
  5. Size - including number of steps

In keeping with our core objective of providing our customers with reliable service, we are at hand to help our customers choose the right ladder for their projects.