Reasons to change from manual tea picking to a tea harvesting machine


You know you NEED your tea farming activities to make better business sense….

You know you NEED to increase your harvesting output ...

You know you NEED to increase your return on your investment by reducing your cost of production at farm level...

And ultimately...

Get higher returns and more shillings in the bank.... = SUCCESS!!

It's a lot to expect without a complete change in how you currently operate. But with an easy and significant mechanisation strategy you can do it, PLUS...

  • Reduce the number of tea harvesting sessions per month but increase the amount of tea harvested per month neverthelesss
  • Make your harvesting scheduleinto a workable solution that works for you, the investor and not for the labourers
  • Choose only those activities that make the most sensefor your tea business
  • Execute a variety of solutions quickly and easily
  • Repurpose your tea farm to get more from it
  • Ensure your income is consistent and enough
  • Distribute your workforce to perform tasks that ensure good quality output always
  • Monetize your farm and create foundation for future generations
  • Track and improve the performance of your tea

Sound impossible?

It's not! Not when you know all there is to know about M-Chai, the new innovation that is revolutionalising how tea farming is conducted in Kenya.

Save upto 70% on your labour cost —it’s the one cost that has managed to keep tea farmers impoverished for decades.

And this deal does not go away tomorrow, because M-Chai is locally developed by Kenyans who understand the pain points of small scale and large scale tea farmers. M-Chai is committed to long term benefits for all tea farmers.

So if you want to cure your tea farming headaches, save on the solution here:

Call / Whatsapp 254 722 525063  Email:

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Thankz 4 te great inovation,indeed it wil b a gme changer in te tea indstry, & plz is it possible 2 fit te metallic scissors with rubber cutting plates, 2 somehw resemble human hand coz thre r some tea clones whch take long 2 rejuvenate whn cut wth a metallic object. It wil b fantastic if its possible

Kibet Rotich

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