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Stanley saw table SST1800 255mm 1800W

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Make:  Stanley

Code: SST1800

It is designed for transverse, oblique, inclined wood sawing across and along the fibers at different angles, as well as combined wood sawing with the use of an abutment installed with the necessary oblique angle and an inclined saw blade.A powerful engine in combination with an overload protection system provides high performance when working on solid, wet or frozen woodThe combination of a cogged guide, parallel stop with a clear scale makes this machine extremely accurate and easy to use toolWith a compact saw design, the telescopic guide provides a cutting width of up to 640 mm, which provides considerable freedom of action when working with large workpiecesThe disc angle angle dial to 45 ° has a large scale accurateWhen transporting large, heavy-duty wheels, easily overcome the steps, curbs, and irregularities on the construction site.Integrated support racks allow you to organize a workplace at any point of the construction site.