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Pro'skit Toolkit Computer Service 16PCS Set 1PK-810B

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Pro'skit Toolkit Computer Service 16PCS  Set  1PK-810B


  • 19 elements in set.
  • The tools are fixed on the internal walls of the bag.
  • Weight: 1.6 kg.

Contents and Specifications

Pro'sKit 1PK-036S Long nose plier 135 mm
Pro'sKit 1PK-037S Diagonal cutting plier 110 mm
Pro'sKit 1PK-125T Fine tip straight tweezer
Pro'sKit 9S002A/B/C 3 pcs Soldering aid tools
Pro'sKit 1PK-H026 Adjustable wrench 6"
Pro'sKit 1PK-SC109B Quick-heating ceramic soldering iron (220 V)
Pro'sKit 19412 Screwdriver handle
Pro'sKit 89402A slot Soft-handle screwdriver 5.0x75 mm
Pro'sKit 89402B cross Soft-handle screwdriver #1x75 mm
Pro'sKit 8PK-031B Desoldering wick
Pro'sKit 8PK-313A/B Crimping tool (metric)
Pro'sKit 8PK-366N-G Desoldering pump
Pro'sKit 908-609 IC extractor
Pro'sKit 9H003 3 Prong holder
Pro'sKit 9H005 IC insert tool
Pro'sKit 9S001 Solder core 63%, SN
Pro'sKit 9S003 Parts tube
Pro'sKit 9S004 Heat sink
Pro'sKit 9SD030-2 8 pcs bits pack
Pro'sKit 9Z-007A Carrying zipper bag, size: 325×195×48 mm