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PROSKIT SS-988C 6 IN 1 Multifunction Soldering iron/Desoldering Station
6 in 1 multifunction
60W (max 130W) soldering iron with standard B tip, 160°C ~ 480°C
Desoldering gun heating up to 130W, suction power: >600mm Hg, 160°C ~ 480°C
Angle adjustable smoke absorber, air volume: 1.0m3/min
Tip cleaner with infrared sensor for auto residue removal on solder tip
100Lm LED light, colour temperature: 6000 Kelvin
USB power output: 5V/ 1A
Smart & Stable Temperature Control
Auto Sleep, Energy Saving
Model: SS-988C
Voltage: AC220-240V 50Hz

Soldering Iron/Desoldering Gun Features:
Rated Power: 250W
Display: LCD Dual colour backlight
Sleep Mode: idle for 10min, with temperature at 200°C
On/Off display: Yes

Soldering Iron Specifications:
Rated Power: 60W/ Max 130W
Rated Voltage: 18VDC
Temperature: 160°C~480°C
Tip: 5SI-216N-B
Heater: Ceramic Heater (9SS-988-HT)

Desoldering Gun Specifications:
Rated Power Heater: 60W/ 130W Max
Rated Voltage Heater: 18VDC
Rated Power Pump: 50W
Temperature: 160°C~480°C
Suction: >600mm Hg
Heater: 4-wire ceramic heater (5SS-988-H)

Smoker Absorber Specifications:
Rated Power: 5W
Air Volume: 1.0m3/min

Tip Cleaner Specifications:
Rated Power: 2W
Rated Voltage: 18VDC
Solder Removal: ⌀7mm
Oxide Removal: ⌀10mm
Dimensions: 133*83*69mm

LED Light Specifications:
Rated Power: 5W
Lumen: ~100Lm
Colour Temperature: 6000K

USB Output: 5VDC, 1A
Fuse: ⌀5xL20mm, 3.15A/250V

Activated Carbon Filter: 2pcs (1pc mounted)
Filter Sponge: ⌀13mm x 2pcs, ⌀16mm x 4pcs (1pc each mounted)
Cleaning Pins: ⌀0.7mm, ⌀0.9mm, ⌀1.2mm
Desoldering gun nozzles: ⌀1.0mm, ⌀1.2mm, ⌀1.5mm
Soldering Wire Reel: ⌀1.0mm Soldeing Wire/10g
2-in-1 Soldering Iron Stand (with cleaning ball and sponge)

Certification: RoHS
Plug: UK

Packaging dimensions(mm) 385*280*205mm
Packaging weight(kg) About 5.4kg