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Makita multi tool 320W

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Make:  Makita

The Makita TM3010CK is an extra versatile oscillating multi-tool which has been developed based on the TM3000C - but with the advantage of tool-less accessory change. With an oscillating rate of up 20,000 revs per minute the TM3010 will glide through even the toughest cutting jobs with ease. The soft start facility allows you to place the blade accurately on the work piece and avoids the blade skipping around for a more precise cut. The blade can be attached in a variety of angles in 30 degree increments for a full 360 degrees of optimum manoeuvrability. With the relevant accessory attached you'll have the ability to sand, flush cut or deep cut woods, metal, nails and plastic.


  • Thumb On/Off switch, positioned for ease of use when holding body of machine
  • Tool-less accessory clamp. Lever style lock system allows for quick installation and replacement of accessories
  • High operating efficiency
  • Variable speed control dial
  • Constant speed control
  • Accessories can be installed at 30° increments, across 360° (12 positions)
  • Uses OIS interface
  • Ergonomic barrel grip
  • Soft start
  • Comes with carry case including detachable accessory holder


  • Vibration K factor: 1.5 m/sec²
  • Vibration: Cutting Metal: 3 m/sec²
  • Vibration: Cutting Wood: 6.5 m/sec²
  • Vibration: Chiselling: 5.5 m/sec²
  • Vibration sanding: 2.5 m/sec²
  • Input wattage: 320W
  • Oscillations per min: 6,000-20,000
  • Oscillation angle: 3.2°
  • Net weight: 1.6kg