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Black and Decker Pressure Washer Water Suction Kit PWWSK41404-B5

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Accessories for pressure washers for emptying basins or other water filled containers
With this accessory kit you can suck up a considerable amount of water in no time
The set consists of a 150 cm long suction line and a lance extension: it is simply connected to the gun of the pressure washer which can then be put into operation.
This accessory is compatible with the following BLACK+DECKER series cold water pressure washers: BXPW1300, BXPW1400, BXPW1500, BXPW1600, BXPW1700, BXPW1800, BXPW1900, BXPW2000, BXPW2100, BXPW2200, PW1300TD, PW1300TDK, PW1400TDPL1500S, PW1600US, PW1600WS, PW1600WS, PW1600WS, PWR