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BOLD Industrial

Black and Decker 23pcs Drill Bit Set A7102-XJ

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Material: Metal, Color: Red Item Dimension: 102mm x 20mm x 300mm Package Contents: 1-Piece Drill for Wood 6mm, 1-Piece Drill for Wood 8mm, 1-Piece Drill for Metal 2mm, 1-Piece Drill for Metal 2.5mm, 1-Piece Drill for Metal 3mm, 1-Piece Drill for Metal 3.5mm, 1-Piece Drill for Metal 4mm, 1-Piece Drill for Metal 5mm, 1-Piece Drill for Concrete 4mm, 1-Piece Drill for Concrete 5mm, 1-Piece Drill for Concrete 6mm, 1-Piece Drill for Concrete 7mm, 1-Piece Drill for Concrete 8mm, 1-Piece Philips Tip PH1, 1-Piece Philips Tip PH2, 1-Piece Philips Tip PH3, 1-Piece Philips Tip Pz1, 1-Piece Philips Tip Pz2, 1-Piece Slit Tip SL 4mm, 1-Piece Slit Tip SL 6mm, 1-Piece Torxtip T20, 1-Piece Torxtip T25, 1-Piece Magnetic Holder Bit and 1-Piece Countersink 6 months warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase It has drills for concrete, wood, and metal, has pointed screw Philips, slotted and Torx, marked measures on the package itself, facilitating the use of the desired accessory, compact packaging and easy storage and has magnetic tip to hold the accessories