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Asmaco spray paint can zinc cold galvanizing 400ml

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ASMACO Zinc Rich Cold Galvanizing Spray , 400ml

Cold Galvanizing Spray, stops rust and corrosion. Excellent for coating, spot priming and repair areas damaged by welding and atmospheric exposure. Can be used as primer to most paints. Use for touch-up and repair to damaged galvanized steel, galvanized ducts, fences, gutters, trucks, trailers, and more.



  • Galvanic protection against thermal and chemical corrosion
  • Resists salty and other corrosive atmospheres
  • Resists temperature from -50 to 550*C
  • High coverage ability without running or excessive thickness
  • Excellent finish
  • Tack free and handled in 10 to 15 minutes at 25?C,full cured after 24 hour
  • Aerosol formulation gives quick, even spray
  • Can be painted after curing
  • CFC Free

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS: Electrical and signal posts, security rails, Chimney stacks, flanges, pipe work, connections, Heating and ventilating, equipment, Nails and screws before plastering, Sanitary installations, heat pump, air conditioning equipment, Railings, fences and doors 

SURFACE PREPARATION: As for as possible, eliminate all traces of rust by brushing, sanding or shot blasting and traces of oil and dirt with cleaners, after that treated with IPA. Shake the spray can as well for at least 1 minute at every interval of use. Hold the can approximately 25 to 30 cm away from the object to be painted. If over coating ensure coating is completely dried.