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Asmaco Adhesive bond mdf kit (300ml activator& caynoacrylate glue)

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Asmaco BOND is a two part adhesive, cyanoacrylate and an activator spray in aerosol can, that provides quick bonding. Asmaco Bond is best suited for fixing and repairing wooden parts, bonding MDF, wood, chip board, rubber, most of the plastics, leather, ceramic, metals, etc. It is excellent to use in the areas where quick curing of the glue is required.
  • High bond strength, suitable to bond both horizontal and vertical areas, suitable for porous and uneven substrates
  • High viscous
  • Easy to use
  • Two part application
  • Spray on one substrate and apply adhesive on the other
  • Multipurpose and Rapid curing
  • Suitable for porous and uneven substrates
  • Strong and durable bond