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BOLD Industrial

Anant plane smooth no.4

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The standard smoothing plane is capable of taking the finest shavings even on woods with wild grain direction.
Universal plane with adjustable mouth opening for major stock removal and smoothing. Fine blade adjustment with knurled screw, lateral adjustment with side lever. The tool’s heavy weight makes it easier to plane irregular grains or difficult woods.
Anant Planes
A major argument in favour of Anant planes is their good value for money. Grey cast iron bodies and carbon steel blades (58 HRC). Before use, the blades must be sharpened and the chipbreakers adjusted. For precise work the fit of the frog needs to be checked and if necessary the mouth has to be adjusted. The AA series has thicker soles for better momentum, finely lapped soles and sides, as well as thicker plane blades and chipbreakers. Handles of sheesham wood. Unless otherwise specified, the blade is angled at 45°.